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There’s never a dull moment when you own a cat. Sure, they spend plenty of time snoozing and lounging around, but you never quite know when they are going to do something cute, funny, crazy or maybe just a little bit evil.


  1. Posted by ritabeverley, — Reply

    Cat: you will get a job, you will pay rent, & you will abide by the rules of this house, otherwise it will be that big cheese in the sky for you? Do you understand me? Mouse: yes sir, I do sir, it will be done sir. Cat: good, now make yourself useful & clean out my litter tray. Mouse: (under his breath), one day, one day.....

  2. Posted by Huntress314, — Reply

    Cat: listen, motherfucker. I'll let you live because my cat friend Tom said you're a friend of a friend. But if you come back here EVER again, I'll send you to hell with a smile on my face! Mouse: y-yes ma'am *scurries away, plotting the cats murder* The comments section is a goldmine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Posted by mnoujoomi, — Reply

    Mouse, listen pussy .. I don’t want to disappoint you .. but .. but ..I think I have Covid 19 ..!!

  4. Posted by MangleGirl000, — Reply

    awww poor mouse ( ik they can make you sick but its still cute :P )

  5. Posted by rchrestensen, — Reply

    “You go on get outta that there door and I ain’t seen a damn thang”

  6. Posted by nelledavidson, — Reply

    Dude I have a cute little cat that looks just like the cat I will show it to u

  7. Posted by silivrianou14, — Reply

    Tom and Jerry live action movie

  8. Posted by sarakreps, — Reply

    The mouse is probably a snitch

  9. Posted by Baileylovesvols, — Reply

    Wow my cat killed a mouse and played with it in the yard

  10. Posted by nelectric27, — Reply


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